A Pair of Vintage Polychrome Painted Fairground Chickens from a Childrens `Toyset` Roundabout By Jacksons of Congleton c.1935


Origin: English
Period: Early / Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1930-40
Height: 28.5 inches
Length: 23 inches
Width: 7 inches

The wooden fairground chickens from a children`s toyset roundabout surviving from the second quarter of the twentieth century are presented in the original green, yellow and red showland paint with leather and brass studwork seats and iron lower fittings.

The condition is nigh on completely original with no over cleaning or restoration to the paintwork. There is flaking and this will continue unless treated.

Jacksons of Congleton provide the 'missing links' between the old and the re-invented for both the fairground rides of the Super Bob and Matterhorn. The company were famous for their efforts to develop novelty platform rides, many of which were prototyped at the Jacksons concession at Southport Amusement Park. Their ingenious 'Stratocruiser', built in 1960 for Raymond Armstrong was travelled for a few years as a prototype Matterhorn, before re-emerging in 1983, and then being converted to a Super Bob.

These are simply just great fun.