A Profusely Carved Late 19thC Arts & Crafts Walnut Book Trough & Stand


Origin: English
Period: Arts and Crafts
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1890
Width: 29 inches
Depth: 11.5 inches
Height: 29 inches

Having abundantly carved floral and foliate decoration to ends and flanks with oak leaves & acorns, flowers and corn ears, this is a beautiful example of William Morris inspired furniture with a truly botanical theme.

Overall the book trough is in very good condition with one or two small gauge marks and a very small area of old worm. The walnut has a natural deep shine and colour, with a good patina and consists of a top valley trough, second flat tier and lower flat trough with attractively shaped apron. The carving here is exquisitely and patiently executed with only the top surfaces of the walnut remaining un-carved, the flowers and leaves becoming uncountable in the myriad of foliage.

The Arts and Crafts movement grew out of dissatisfaction with mass-produced and often superfluously decorated furniture of the Victorian era, and designers sought to create quality pieces with restrained unpretentious decoration, using for inspiration mediaeval craftsmanship and motifs which were often floral, as in the present example.

This stand demands respect as a splendid piece of handiwork, and one that is just as useable and versatile as it is attractive. Truly made with the head, the hand and the heart.