A Quality Pair of Late Victorian Aesthetic Period Mahogany Jardinière Stands


Origin: English
Period: Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1870-90
Height: 42.5 inches
Base & Top Widths: 10.5 inches square

The rich mahogany stands having beehive turned reeded knops and incised foliate stems, on square bases surviving from the aesthetic period of late nineteenth century England.

The jardinières have not needed to be restored in any way so have only been waxed by us and therefore remain in desirable original condition showing a good dark and rich mahogany patina and colour. They are structurally sound, though one has a hairline crack measuring around three inches long to its base; otherwise they remain in super overall order.

The aesthetic movement can be seen as the bridge to the arts and crafts style. It often had formalised, restrained ornamentation, and was heavily influenced by Japanese decoration, knowledge of which flowed to the West in the nineteenth century through oriental imports. It rebelled against the lavish ornamentation and over-embellishment of the high Victorian period, and sought a purer, more precise level of expression.

As far as aesthetic period pieces go these are scarce and prove wonderfully decorative.