A Rather Unusual Antique Bronze Ring


Origin: English
Period: Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1800-1900
Approximate UK Ring Size: S or US size 9.25
Length: 1.5 inches (at maximum points)

Formed as a tri-bulb club head on a tri-banded hoop with lozenge pattern, the cast bronze finger ring is in a large wearable size.

In fine condition, the ring has a beautiful aged patina, with areas if verdigris and the piece remains uncleaned. Difficult to date, this ring could well be earlier than specified, with the patina well established.

A mysterious and unusual piece of jewellery, the atypical bulbous design points to a folk art hand-made ring, perhaps by a blacksmith or craftsman in his own workshop, cast for a loved one.