A Seventeenth Century Child's Cradle


Origin: English
Period: Charles II
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1680
Width: 50cms
Height: 89cms
Depth: 31cms

An oak cradle, with turned posts at corners, original lozenge carved decoration on the paneled sides, and elevated carved headboard. The stile legs terminate in curved rocking supports. A later addition to this cradle is a tin liner, possibly a bath used for infant bathing, probably early twentieth century. The base of the cradle is possibly nineteenth century.

A wonderful, intriguing and ever so slightly macabre piece of authentic English furniture, this cradle is of fairly heavy construction, typical for the period, and boasts attractive original elements such as wooden pegs and simple carving. There are some old scuffs, marks and scratches, but overall the cradle has a nice patina, the corner posts a little lighter from being rubbed over the years.