A Stylish Early 20thC Art Deco Butler / Dumb Waiter Stand Formed as a Nymph


Origin: English
Period: Art Deco
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1920-30
Height: 29.5 inches
Depth: 15 inches (with wingspan)
Width: 7 inches (at base)

Designed to hold ones business calling cards or tips from restaurant service, the small triangular metal dish tray supported by a sunburst orange and ebony hand painted pedestal in the form of a nude nymph with bobbed hair and original glittered organza wings survives from the Art Deco period.

The overall condition would be described as very good, the whole in very original order. The small triangular tray is slightly loose but of no real concern, she has some small scuff marks but one couldn’t really expect her to be in any better condition than this, especially with consideration to the organza wings.

The term Art Deco encompasses the distinctive styles in art, architecture and design, and is typified by bright bold colours, and stylized designs derived from the onset of industrialism, as well as artistic movements such as modernism, cubism, and futurism. It is one of the best loved, most influential, instantly recognisable, international, and elegant of all artistic periods.

Butlers from this period are usually male, and shall we say, rather un-politically correct, so this rather nubile example provides a refreshing, scarce and stylish change from the norm.