A Sublime Mid 19thC Rococo Revival Gilt & Gesso Framed Wall Mirror


Origin: English
Period: Mid Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1850-60
Height: 25 inches
Width: 18 inches (at maximum)

The scrolling gilt and gesso frame having protruding masked corners in the form of mythical bearded males and scrolling shield crest to top, the whole in the Rococo taste, with the original heavy plate glass survives from mid nineteenth century England.

The mirror is in very attractive condition. The frame and back boarding are as should be, as is the hanging chain, the original plate glass has some attractive areas of foxing mainly to the edges, and the whole is clear and in superb original order. The gilding as a whole has areas of wear with small areas of chipping and one section of loss to the moulding and one section of repair. The chipping is mainly to the more protruding parts but in general it has survived rather well and its mellow aged condition is part of its appeal.

Rococo Revival was a 19th-century furniture style characterized by curved silhouettes and ornate carving. It began as "Modern French" style in England in the 1820s, drawing on baroque elements of Louis XVI and Louis XV furniture, and developed in France in the 1830s under Louis Philippe. The style was popularized at the 1851 Crystal Palace Exposition in London, and at expositions in New York in 1853, and Paris in 1855.

Ever so slighty fantastical, most wonderfully stylish.