A Superb c.1900 British School Oil on Canvas; Portrait Study of an Elderly Gentleman


Origin: British
Period: Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Canvas Height: 16.5 inches
Canvas Width: 11.5 inches

The framed and glazed oil on canvas depicting an elderly nude gentleman posed with his head resting on his clenched and raised fist, is presented in as found condition in the gilt frame, the work apparently unsigned surviving from the turn of the century.

In entirely untouched and original condition the frame is slightly loose in places and the canvas does have some creasing but the whole is still in presentable original order.

This hyper-realistic work is typical of the realist style. The style of Realism spread to almost all genres, including History painting, portraits, genre-painting, and landscapes. Realists portrayed real people not idealized types. From now on, artists felt increasingly free to depict real-life situations stripped of aesthetics and universal truths. In this sense, Realism reflected a progressive and highly influential shift in the significance and function of art in general, including literature as well as fine art. It influenced Impressionism and several other modern art styles, such as Pop-Art. The style retains its influence on the visual arts to this day.

A simply wonderfully realized and brilliantly executed portrait painting.