A Superb Large French 19thC Painted Ceiling Rose Plafonnier

Origin: French
Period: Mid/Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1870-90
Diameter: 26 inches
Height: 6 inches (at maximum)

The large wooden French ceiling rose or plafonnier, profusely carved with garlands and wreaths with central rose head, the whole carved in one piece and with the original pale green painted surface surviving from nineteenth century France.

The piece is in good overall condition and does not suffer form losses or restoration of any kind with the desirable original paint untouched and with small amounts of wear. The carving shows undeniable quality and depth, which is rather unusual for an item designed to be seen from a considerable distance, which suggests that it was commissioned for a country house or chateau. The back is hollowed out somewhat for ease of hanging.

The rose has symbolised secrecy since Roman times, due to a confused association with the Egyptian god Horus. For its associations with ceilings and confidentiality, refer to the Scottish Government's Sub Rosa initiative. Through its promise of secrecy, the rose, suspended above a meeting table, symbolises the freedom to speak plainly without repurcussion. The physical carving of a rose on a ceiling was used for this purpose during the rule of England's Tudor King Henry VIII and has over the centuries evolved into a standard item of domestic vernacular architecture, to such an extent that it now constitutes a term for the aforementioned circular device that conceals and comprises the wiring box for an overhead light fitting.

A truly original and rare sculptural object of imposing proportions to be wall mounted or hung with a chandelier as originally intended to form a show-stopping centerpiece.