A Superb Large Kurde Rug: 281cm x 146cm


Origin: Persia/Western Iran/Iraq/Turkey
Style: Kurde
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Mid/Late 20th C
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile.
Length: 281cms / 9.2 feet
Width: 146cms / 4.8 feet

Kurds are an ancient Indo-European language group of Southwest Asia. Kurdistan spans the junction of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. The "Kurdish" language has two main branches Kurdish and Kurmanji.

Some of the most beautiful rugs are woven by Kurds living in western Iran, on the Iraqi border. Kurdish rugs continue to represent what is good in texture and color, and since they are woven principally in the tents, away from town influences, the quality has been fairly well preserved. Another element, which goes far toward maintaining it is that Kurdistan has an unfailing supply of wool, which is, not surpassed anywhere. The greater part of the yarn, moreover, is spun by hand and with infinite care, and the result is apparent in the finished works.

This particular Kurdish piece is in an unusual size, which may well come in useful for placing in a hall way or landing.  It’s geometric design is traditional as are the colours used; reds, deep blue/blacks and ivory. This is most certainly a piece that would mature well with its owner. The various guls are all in keeping with tradition and the way the ivory is used sparingly means the piece comes alive in a room. The keyed and stepped borders are in abundance whilst the dye in places has worn more than in others. Most of those who like hand made pieces favour this kind of imperfection; a real rug lovers rug.