A Versatile Red Afghan Rug: 235cm x 160cm


Origin: Afghanistan
Style: Red Afghan
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Late 20th C
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile
Length: 235 cms / 7.7 feet
Width: 160 cms / 5.2 feet

Having forty-four stylized elephant’s feet and thirty full stars flooding the central field, this red afghan rug has smaller motifs than many and thus there is less ground colour on show. The seven-banded border consists of three designs, two of them repeating, giving the piece more intricacy and the drawing is sharp and well defined.

A typical Afghan rug, knotted on a foundation of wool and cattle hair. The pile is wool and the knotting Senneh whilst the colour a beautiful red, and the wool lustrous. The eighteen octagons or gul are a very dark blue, verging on black. The guls placed in rows nearly touching (meaning they are coined as elephant’s feet), tend to be a great deal bigger than in Yomud and Tekke rugs. The design of the gul, which has a quartering of two light, and two dark patches, is filled with a cloverleaf pattern.

Red Afghan rugs have been around for centuries and the red colouring is never changed due to old traditions dying hard; most weavers are very superstitious and believe a change of colour would bring bad luck.

Afghan rugs provide excellent value for money and can provide warmth to the coldest of rooms.