A Very Fine Elizabethan/Tudor Period Silver Button Modelled as a Flower


Origin: English
Period: Mid / Late Sixteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1570
Diameter: 1.2 cm
Height 1.7 cm

The domed and chased silver button in the form of a decorative petalled flower terminating in a small head finial tip is in original condition.

Considering the age of the button it remains in superb order, and is complete with loop. The button remains un-cleaned presently, leaving an enviable patina.

During the period this button was made, clothing was fastened with buttons or tied with cord or ribbon points. For the wealthy, buttons were made of silver and gold and sometimes then set with gemstones, and points were occasionally tipped with aiguillettes or aiglets of precious metals.

A superb addition for the avid button collector or for those who appreciate true age and beauty.