A Very Large 19thC Italian Primitive School Oil on Board

Origin: Italian
Period: Mid/Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1850-70
Height: 39 inches
Width: 58.5 inches

The unsigned, unframed and perhaps unfinished, substantially sized work measuring 4.8 feet x 3.25 feet and depicting an imagined atmospheric seascape.

In fair condition the pictures charm is partly down to its scruffy and unpolished presentation, one end panel is slightly bent and there are scuffs to the whole. The pine panelling is of a good age.

The quality of the painting is rather painterly especially to the stormy skies. There is shipbuilding going on to the foreground with several unfinished figures busying themselves on the shoreline. To the centre are three further figures in a small boat, one seemingly in distress. The left of the picture sees a larger frigate boat with two military type figures. The right of the picture boasts a rather impressive Palladian building alongside other Italian castle keeps, and with artistic licence, these buildings seem to blend into the waters edge, the whole being a dreamy and imagined landscape. The picture certainly does not concern itself at all with balance, scale or reality, but instead provides a dreamlike jumble of ideas and as such is inherently interesting to look at.

This is good atmospheric decorative providing an instant and considerable impact.