An Arts & Crafts Oak Glazed Wall Cupboard


Origin: English
Period: Arts and Crafts
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880-1900
Width:77cm (at maximum)

Of rectangular shape, the cupboard on the left side, with a door of four convex glass panes, with two large iron metal hinges and a ring handle, beside two open shelves. Beneath the cupboard and shelves are seven hooks, and a simple hanging apron.This cupboard has all the elements typical of the Arts and Crafts movement. The heavy iron hinges and ring handle are reminiscent of mediaeval furniture, the solid and simple oak construction also demonstrative of a return-to-basics attitude that typified the approach of designers of the period.

The condition of the cupboard is overall very good, the wood has a lovely figure and colour, there are a few scratches to the top, and a very minor loss to the lower right support, otherwise fine. It is also has the original key to lock the door, so you can protect your treasured spice collection from any potential thievery. There could be the possibility that it stood above a lower section, but notwithstanding, an attractive, and useful example of furniture from the Arts and Crafts movement.