An Attractive Two Seater Belouch Carpet Upholstered Sofa c.1940

Origin: English
Period: Early/Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1935-55
Height: 31 inches
Width: 51.5 inches
Depth: 32 inches (all at extremities)

The low two-seater sofa with belouch carpet upholstery to the whole, being seat, sides and back, the art deco inspired shaped carcass on oak deco influenced fluted and stylized supports, to include a large cushion upholstered in the same but with velvet backing, the whole surviving from the second quarter of the twentieth century England.

The condition is clean and sound with expected wear commensurate with 60-70 plus years use. She does not require re-springing and her beech legs are all original and sturdy. The carpet, which is the same age as the piece itself, is good all round with some areas a little more worn than others and some cat clawing marks to the upper sides though good on the whole. We believe the piece has been crafted from two separate belouch carpets. The sofa would have had a different covering in the first instance. The springs are soft, so this is not a firm sofa with fair amount of give in the springs.

Belouch is an ancient Persian design that originated from the work of the nomadic Belouch tribe. These wonderfully individual pieces are most often found in smaller sizes purely for ease of handling whilst wandering in the mountain regions. Belouch pieces are often directional or asymmetrical in design and are common-place prayer rugs. They are typically woven in dark shades of reds and browns with tan, blues and ivory.

Most Belouch rugs are woven in the hills of Afghanistan and imported from Pakistan. One of the most pleasing thing about a Belouch piece is that the imperfections in their execution are a pleasing change in the contemporary world.

Kelim and carpet upholstered furniture has been a popular bohemian covering for sofas since the nineteenth century. The likes of George Smith and Liberty were also keen on upholstering using carpets. This is a far more affordable sofa than that of its nineteenth century counterparts and it’s size means it would be perfect for a hall, bedroom or landing space for instance. It also has the advantage of being able to be placed centrally in a room setting as it is carpet upholstered to all sides.

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