An Attractive Walnut & Mahogany Bobbin Turned Occasional Table c.1890-1900

Origin: English
Period: Late Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1890-1900
Height: 27”
Diameter: 20”

The walnut bobbin table of good colour with a mahogany circular top supported by three bobbin-turned legs, surviving from last quarter of nineteenth century England.

The table is structurally sound and stable, with the expected surface wear with a good amount of deep colour and patination to the top and to the bobbin turnings at their extremities. There has been a repair to the underside of the table with one of the struts having a hairline but it is not effecting the table in any way. There are historic marks to the top, probably ink or wine, but all making for a characterful piece.

This type of table is similar to a Gypsy table, which are small three legged tables, which are used for fortune telling and games of chance, though those usually have removable legs for travelling and are lower than this example. Popular from 1830s England, bobbin turning showcased the wood turning skills of craftsmen of the era.

Versatile and sculptural, and just perfect for your favourite lamp.