An Early 20thC Carved Stone Octagonal Stepped Plinth c.1920-40

Origin: English
Period: Early/Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1920-40
Height: 12”
Width: 36”
Depth: 36” (as a whole)

The octagonal carved stone plinth, formed in two opposing sections, with four stepped levels, the whole beautifully weathered, and for the display of a sundial, garden statuary or sculpture, and surviving from the first half of twentieth century England.

The plinth is very heavy, each section weighs approximately 90kgs, and shows a good amount of wear and weathering to the whole with lichen deposits having been outside for a good length of time. There are two corners to one section showing crumbled losses as pictured, with some repairs having been administered to each; our local stone mason can be called out to repair these corners at his cost should you wish to have them thoroughly repaired.

The central hole points to this plinth once having either a sundial or piece of statuary attached with an iron rod and it is clear that whatever this once bore was circular in shape due to the ring marks left behind.

Not something one sees on the market often, this is an imposing piece of stone that gives huge gravitas to any piece lucky enough to stand upon it.