An Early 20thC Venetian Hanging Blackberry Murano Glass Light c.1915-25

Origin: Italian
Period: Early 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1920
Diameter: 5”
Height: 11” (with chains)

The beautiful murano glass hanging ceiling light, being made up from many individually blown glass blackberries, giving a wonderful illumination,  the whole surviving from the first quarter of twentieth century Italy.

The light fitting is in very good and original condition. The whole does not suffer from losses, cracks or restoration. It is ready to be used though maybe could benefit from a clean via pressured air or warm water.

Fruits were sometimes featured as the subject for glass in light fittings of this period with grapes being the most commonly used. Murano’s special glassblowing process is over a thousand years old, having been re-discovered by the local artisans from the ancient Roman glassware at the end of the first millennium and continuously developed and enhanced upon ever since. This glass is made from silica, soda, lime and potassium melted together in a special furnace at a temperature of 1500°C to reach a liquid state.

A fabulous little gem, very difficult to find and almost good enough to eat.