An Edwardian Academy No.2 Gramophone with Tin Horn


Origin: English
Period: Edwardian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1901-1910
Case Width & Length: 14x14 inches square
Maximum Height: 32 inches
Maximum Circumference (Horn): 63 inches
Turntable Diameter: 10 inches.

This wonderful piece of yesteryear is a tabletop horn model crafted in the Edison-Bell style by the London makers Academy and is in original and operational condition. The Diaphragm (clear disc) is still in tact despite a hairline crack which clearly reads 'ACADEMY No.2, London. Will play any Gramophone record'.

The tonearm and bracket are both still in sturdy condition despite having some surface rust whilst the thumbscrew and needle are also present and correct. The speed control, brake and crank all function as they should and the escutcheon is also in attendance. The green felt on the turntable is dusty but fully in tact. The crank winds satisfyingly which sets the turntable off on it's cycle. The underside of the case shows this piece has been serviced at some point over the last 50 years perhaps, as the trapdoor is neatly taped up. Although music can be heard when playing, the gramophone would benefit from a new needle if it were to be used regularly.

The Art-Noveau style was influential in the Edwardian period and there is evidence of this in the raised and rather splendid carved floral motifs to three sides of the oak case. The crank handle boasts a darker, buttery handle with a rather nice patina. The iconic tin horn is sturdy and as a whole but does have a few areas of spot rust to left rear. Additionally, the horn is fluted, as many were, and the innards of the horn show some wear to reveal a rather nice green patina. A marvellous item whether you are an avid collector or are merely pining for a decorative conversation starter.