An Enthralling Provincial Antique Diorama of a Dutch Interior Scene


Origin: Holland
Period: Eighteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Height: 6 inches
Width: 8 inches

A charming, and detailed, hand-painted, wood constructed representation of a rustic kitchen scene. On the left is a table and a bench, on which sits a carafe and two cups, with a violin resting against and a picture hanging on the left wall. On the back wall is a shelf with painted pottery items, a closed hatch, and a clock. On the right side is an open stove with hood, a cauldron on wood fire, the painted flames licking against the pot.

This is not a professionally made diorama, but does not suffer for it; it is unsophisticated, but its charm lies in its honesty and its homeliness, we see presented the workings of daily life: the stove, the table, the clock, all providing a warm snapshot of normal provincial life over a hundred years ago. A charming object, and a much more original choice for your wall than a flat, two-dimensional painting....