An Evocative Early 20thC British Army Tripod Plate Camera


Origin: British
Period: Early / Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1910-1935
Height: 50 inches (the whole) or 42” (the tripod)
The Camera: 8 inches (w) x 11 inches (d) x 8 inches (h) (in compact form)

The Dallmeyer Pentac lens marked with crows foot symbol, having a rack and pinion focus adjustment, speed adjuster and Rada roll film back conversion from plate to film, mounted on a substantial oak and lacquered steel tripod with various adjustment points, marked `Stand instrument no 13 0.3.85a MkIII No 6113 L.A.M`, also having a crows foot military symbol.

The condition is fine, the leather covered wooden box is structurally sound, the folding hood has some old tape repairs but the bellows and knobs are all present and in operation and the tripod is in solid working order.

Very similar in form to the Soho or Kershaw Patent Reflex made from 1905-1939 this camera was probably used for functional photographs, for example, aerial reconnaissance photographs, military medical photography, and identity photography.

Position this resonant fragment of military optics into any corner of any room, and just watch it take center frame.