An Exceedingly Decorative Kenrick & Sons Cast Iron Door Knocker, No.423


Origin: English
Period: Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880
Length: 9.5 inches
Width: 3 inches (at widest point)
Depth: 2 inches without fixings, or 5 inches with

Presenting an original reclaimed cast iron Victorian door knocker by A.Kenrick & Co. This highly decorative and impressive one-piece knocker has scrolled ends to lift whilst the reverse is clearly stamped with the maker’s name and pattern number 423, along with the registration mark. This wonderful design appeared in the 1880.1899 & 1926 Kenrick catalogues.

The knocker has been over painted in its lifetime, whilst the general condition is sound with no structural damage but with some paint flaking. The piece has its original fixings to the rear and is ready to be attached.

Kenrick & Sons have always been a popular foundry, with Archibald Kenrick’s works being highly focused around the employees and staff, and thus, they created a strong community with good fair work ethics, which was unusual for the period.

Archibald Kenrick himself originally started life as an iron founder in 1791 manufacturing buckles and livery fittings and then created a quality iron foundry, also casting some brass items designed by the ever-important Dr. Christopher Dresser.