An Original 'High Street Kensington' London Transport Underground Station Platform Sign


Origin: English
Period: Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1980
Length 58 5/8'
Width 12 1/8'

A large enamelled sign, with bold white lettering on a blue ground, with two small affixing holes in the lower corners. There is some very small loss to the paint on around the holes, but otherwise in fine condition.

It would have originally been placed across the famous red roundel.Original Tube signs such as this, while seen by millions in London everyday, are actually very rare to find for sale or in private hands, and are increasingly desirable.

High Street Kensington was opened in 1871 originally named 'Kensington (High Street)', to differentiate it from 'Kensington' (which was renamed 'Kensington Olympia' in 1946).  In 1880 'Kensington (High Street)' became 'High Street Kensington', probably to make purchasing tickets more speedy, presenting as it does the obvious question '- which Kensington, sir?'.