An Unusual c.1984 Composition & Fabric Portrait of an Accountant to a Celebrity Singer by Joelien Artist Doll Maker


Origin: American
Period: Late Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1984
Height: 21 inches

Modelled as a portrait of an accountant to a celebrity singer and made in 1984 by Joelien artist doll maker of New York, the composition and fabric costume model with a embattled and unhealthy looking face standing with hand in pocket, the ensemble consisting of a sand coloured corduroy suit, white shirt, striped tie, leather shoes and spectacles carrying a brief case with a comically placed feather above the head, to the pocket and under the jacket, standing on a square carpeted and tasselled plinth base.

The condition of the doll is superb, in good original order, there are one or two tassels missing from the base but this aside he is 100%.

Little is known from our end of Joelien the artist doll maker but it is clear they are trying, and have succeeded we might add, to portray the life of a lowly servant, that of a Jewish New Yorker accountant answering to a jumped up celebrity. Which one isn’t clear but the use of feathers here are obviously trying to represent something and the typically dressed accountant is superbly well rendered right down to the lining of the suit.

Probably unique, and certainly wonderfully comical, this portrait is superbly well imagined and brilliantly conveys the feelings, and thus the outer appearance, of the bedraggled accountant, his star clearly well and truly muffled under the preposterous demands of a fame hungry diva.