An Unusual Early 20thC Taxidermy Kitten & Cotton Reel in a Glazed & Painted Pine Case


Origin: English
Period: Early Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900-20   
The Case:
Depth: 6 inches
Width: 18.75 inches
Height: 13.5 inches

A family in London once had a kitten named Ned and a parrot called Jack. During the war, their uncle, who lived with them, was sick of spam and wanted to make a meal of poor Ned. Each time the family went out, they always locked the cat into the storeroom. As time passed, the cat grew malnourished and sickl with only a cotton reel to keep him company.

One day, Ned managed to jump onto the cupboard and opened the cage that the parrot Jack lived in. The family thought that the Ned would eat Jack, but instead of doing so, the two pets huddled up to one another for warmth and fell asleep. After that, the uncle repented and didn’t try to wrong the kitten, but it was too late, both the parrot and the kitten died soon afterward; albeit peacefully in their sleep.

Racked with guilt, the uncle tried to make amends and preserved both animals in cases, Ned with his favourite cotton reel.

Remaining in super condition, and on a red velvet carpet with gilt border, we present Ned at his happiest in this stained pine and glazed case. We hope you can give the little guy the attention he deserves, now, in the afterlife.