An Unusual Mid 20thC Tree of Life Turkish Rug

Origin: Turkish
Period: Mid 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1950
Length: 86”
Width: 52.5” (7 x 4.5 ft approx)

The unusual rug being semi-old and having a good thick wool indigo green field with a one-way design of trees enclosed by madder samovar motif borders, the whole surviving from the middle part of twentieth century Turkey.

The rug is in good overall condition with no major concerns. Both ends have minor losses to the webs, and some fraying.

The tree of life represents the immaculate state of humanity free from corruption and original sin before the fall. The Lamb of God is the reality of the figure of the tree of life planted at the center of the garden, with the signs of whose eternal grace “the world is charged”. World trees are frequently depicted with birds in their branches, and their roots extending into earth or water.

This design is most similar to Bakshaish or Bakhtiar Afghan pieces which are based on antique tribal and village rugs.

Not a design we have seen before and a nice lustrous piece with plentiful years left in it.