Stewart Thomas Charles Wright (1924-2007): 'Curiosity' A Black & White Aquatint Print


Origin: English
Period: Mid/Late Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1980
Height: 12 inches
Width: 15.5 inches

Numbered 1/12 and signed by the artist in pencil this black and white aquatint print has clear religious overtones, with the pictured couple clothed in the garden and then naked walking into a darkened cave. The branches of the trees are again symbolic, with the main branch formed as a swooping bird looking down upon the scene; ‘Curiosity’ here is perhaps referring to the transition from innocence to experience. Recently framed, the print is ready to hang.

Stewart Thomas Charles Wright was the brother of the well-known contemporary artist Royston Wright known as ‘Adzak’.  Stewart Wright was initially a research scientist but on retirement took up various forms of contemporary art himself , training professionally at the school of art in Bristol in the 1970s. He became a well know enamellist and a member of the British Society of Enamellers and also specialised in high quality screen printing. He was a member of the Printmaker’s Council and also of the Bath Society of Artists. Examples of his work have been published in books and he exhibited extensively, particularly in the South West of England where he lived and sold items of his art privately, but also at London exhibitions and galleries.

His work embodies a unique style with some remarkable insights into the human condition and is arguably at least equal in originality and quality to that of his brother.  A number of his creations show the influence of  Beardsley, Chagal and also the pre-Raphaelites.  His late professional pursuit of his artistic interests meant that it was only towards the end of his life that his work was starting to gain serious recognition. Unfortunately, although extremely active into his early eighties he died suddenly at a time when he was still prolific in his artwork.  

The purchase of this print presents an opportunity to acquire a work of art that is sure to appreciate in value and stature whilst it hangs on the wall because of the idiosyncrasy and skill that is so blatant in the work.

This print can be bought in conjunction with ‘In the Garden’ and ‘Secret Meeting’ for a price of £265 for a pair or £365 for the trio. Please email us at if this is of interest.