Origin: English
Period: Edwardian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1910
Height: 34”
Width: 36”
Depth: 13.5” (all at extremities)

The hugely charming child's nursery rocking horse in a beautiful saffron yellow, by the well renowned G&J Lines, composed in wood and painted dappled gesso with a stunning texture and time-worn finish, and on the original swing-stand with caps to ends of swing irons, having glass eyes and an open mouth, surviving from the early twentieth century.

The horse remains totally original and un-meddled with; the eyes are present and original though the tail is lacking.  There is expected wear to the painted gesso and it has a lovely patina through years of use, though lacking any saddle or stirrups. The painted decoration is original and not overpainted and overall it is undeniably hugely decoratively appealing. The thistle badge showing the company name is present to the front and the company started using the thistle trademark in 1910, and the new North London works that they moved to in 1913 (in Down Lane, Tottenham) was called Thistle Works.

The Lines family produced high quality rocking horses for almost a century, including many novel designs. G&J Lines (George and Joseph Lines, (1876-~1931) produced one of Britain's best-known ranges of wooden rocking-horses, and with Allen & Co (which they owned) also produced dollhouses, carts and prams. The company became one of the largest toy-makers in Britain.

The horse on bow rockers that we know and love today was a product of eighteenth century England and was popular with the wealthy with it being said they were used to help develop children's' balance for the riding of real horses.

We love rocking horses that have not been restored and this proves a hugely decorative and attractive piece, perfect for a bay window.