An Unusual Early Victorian & Later Scratch Built Lighting Device

Origin: English
Period: Early Victorian & Later
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1830 & Contemporary(?)
Height: 24”
Depth: 12”
Width: 12”

The unusual scratch-built lighting device, made with early Victorian parts and a later cast iron stand on quad legs, possibly as a physics experiment apparatus around the laws of reflection, having a brass candle nozzle flanked by a period mirror and a thick convex lens to reflect and concentrate candlelight.

The condition of the lamp is good with no losses. The lens and mirror both detach.

This intriguing piece was obviously created to reflect and concentrate candlelight, and as such must date it c.1800-40 as post that it would surely be gas. The stand appears to be 20th or even 21st century but it is rather difficult to ascertain with any real certainty.

An unusual, probably unique piece of lighting and an interesting conversation starter.