Sirjan Antique Persian Salt-Bag: 107cm x 51cm


This type of bag, also known as a torba, is traditionally used for storing personal possessions, but also sometimes as a cushion stuffed with feathers.They are not normally made for export, but for domestic use; that is the reason they are often carefully and beautifully made, and they can be very decorative. The front face is carpet and the reverse is usually Kilim.This piece has a rather soft finish to its face, which is rather nice. Deep reds are deployed throughout the design and the middle field displays four interlinked medallions set in a muddy green with unusual indigo highlights. The two keyed inner borders are flanked by an outer border studded with a diamond pattern with cream arrow heads. The opening top of the bag had looped rivets for attaching a strap or for wall hanging on, say, a pole. The reverse shows an aubergine ground set with horizontal bands of slate and red interspersed with four individual cream keys.These bags have a multitude of uses that could include using the piece as a cushion, a rug, a beautiful wall hanging or as a personal storage bag as the maker probably intended. A small price to pay for a very useable and versatile work of art.