Origin: Italian
Period: Baroque
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1650-1700
Height: 10.5”
Width: 11”
Depth: 1.5” (all in frame)

Dating from the Baroque period the mid to late seventeenth century chapel dedication or devotional fragment in a near period scarlet painted pine and gesso moulded frame with a hand painted calligraphy parchment paper panel with seven lines of script and a circular armorial to the top, remaining in beautiful un-meddled with condition.

The fact this piece has survived in original condition is very pleasing and overall it remains a hugely attractive piece in its entirety with a glorious colour and fade. It has a wonderful dry and arid texture that only comes with considerable age and has not been cleaned. The painted gesso frame is near period, probably early eighteenth century, with some losses to it as photographed.

The script is something along the lines of; “s.d bernard do anonio cadron opo conced qavr n'adas dinv gencia a.os qverza rn vnpaerner yavemar s vicene ferrer”.

It would have probably been displayed in the family's private or local chapel at the alter as part of a larger composition and saved in the early eighteenth century and placed within this housing.

Beautifully untouched with an outstanding colour, a real delight, and well worth further research.