Origin: English
Period: Late Victorian & Later
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1870 & Later
Width: 45”
Height: 35.75”
Depth: 12.5” (all at top)

In largely original condition, the chocolate painted flight or bank of thirty-six drawers each with brass knob handles and remnants of hand written workshop labels, the carcass with later added top and base, to include bracket feet, the sides, feet and top painted in olive green, the drawer fronts remaining untouched, and the whole surviving from late Victorian England.

In part-restored condition, the painted pine drawer fronts are now evocatively chipped and worn, with a well established patina; the later added base and top gives it better proportions as a standalone piece. It proves heavy and sturdy.

Made by a Victorian craftsmen for workshop use, this is a versatile and desirable period piece of furniture, there are pencil annotations to many of the drawer sides giving further clues that the piece was used in a workshop dealing the likes of screws, pistons and weights. There are also some brightly coloured pigments to some drawers suggesting paint storage too.

A much sought after piece, blending practicality and beauty.