A 21stC Irish Abstract School Oil on Canvas Painting; Inhabit Ever Onwards; M.K.

Origin: Irish
Period: Early 21stC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.2000-2010
Height: 28.5”
Width: 25”
Depth: 2.75”

The abstract portrait using colour bleeding to produce the portrait of a lady in a red vest top, with long black hair, the figure almost becoming one with the background, a taupe ledge to the lower of the picture, and signed M.K. to the lower right corner,  presented in its original thick moulded black frame and surviving from early twenty-first century Ireland.

The painting is in original condition with no damages. There is a stamp to the canvas to the rear for Millikin Bros who have been established since 1989 in County Down, Ireland.

Similar to works by Genieve Figgis, who we have admired for many years and who is also Irish, this has a dreamlike and macabre overtone, also an inward-looking aspect, and is sure to catch the eyes and thoughts of its viewer.

Lurid and loose and we love it.