A c.1800 English Painted Brass Masonic Longcase Moonphase Clock Dial

Origin: English
Period: George III
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1800
Diameter: 9.5”

The rolling moon phase saw wheel from a longcase clock, the whole being hand-painted, with motto to both phases of ‘Amor, Monor et Justitia’ (Love, Honour and Justice), amongst several other masonic symbols, the whole possibly from a Masonic Lodge and surviving from George III period England.

There is localised flaking of the paint and scratches but the whole remains original and unrestored.

The purpose of a moon phase dial – like the time dial that tracks the time through the day, is to keep tract of the moon’s position as it travels around the earth, every 291/2 days – which is one lunar month.

Love, Honor and Justice was a Latin motto of the Grand Lodge of England used prior to the union of 1813, which is to be found graven on the Masonic Token of 1794, commemorative of the election of the Prince of Wales as the Most Worshipful Grand Master, November 24, 1790. We cannot find another comparable dial having been sold.

A rare piece of Freemasonary and a beautiful piece of wall art.