A Charming c.1960 Ormesa Leather Bull Footstool Retailed by Liberty & Co

Origin: British
Period: Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1960
Height: 18 inches
Width: 15 inches
Length: 26.5 inches (all at extremities)

The Ormesa made leather footstool in the form of a bull, now beautifully worn with age, survives from the third quarter of the twentieth century retailed by Liberty & Co and stamped as such to one ear.

The whole is weighty and remains in good overall original condition. There are one or two blemishes leather with one repair to the top and the whole has a wonderfully dry aged condition. There are some small repairs to the horns and tail. He remains sound enough to use. He is stamped Liberty of London to his inner left ear.

Omersa created their first leather pig in 1927, and it was sold at the distinguished premises of Liberty of London. The English full grain cowhide leather, made specifically for Omersa, is hand stained, waxed and polished to create a luxurious rich brown antique finish. Dimitri Omersa and his wife Inge came to England in 1955 and settled at Lavender Croft, a sanctuary for refugees in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Omersa found work in the leather trade and whilst representing a small leather company in Hitchin met ‘Old Bill’ at Liberty’s. ‘Old Bill’ was due to retire and a deal was struck for Dimitri Omersa to take over the business and continue the supply of pigs to Liberty’s. The business was located to Hitchin in 1958 and before long Dimitri Omersa had ideas for other animals! His first new piece was the elephant, followed by the donkey and rhinoceros. The bull was first introduced to the range in the 1960’s and is a particular favourite with both our cattle farmers and stockbrokers, symbolising the bull market. Initially, Liberty’s were sceptical of the rhino but it became a “best seller” and subsequently formed the Omersa logo. The animals were sold exclusively through Liberty’s up until the mid 1970’s. Animals made during this period have the words “LIBERTY OF LONDON” embossed on the underside of an ear as this example does.

Genuinely impossible not to like.