A Charming Mid 20thC Taxidermy Roe Deer Buck Head Mount on Shield


Origin: English
Period: Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1950-70
Width: 9.5 inches (the shield)
Height: 17.5 inches (the shield)
Depth: 12 inches (the mount, at maximum)

Presented on a naturalistic cabin style log shield, the roe buck head and neck mount survives from the middle of the twentieth century.

The overall condition of the mount is good, with only the antlers a slight concern, each being slightly loose but not in danger of deteriorating or dropping. There isn’t hair drop to report and the ears and eyes are well presented.

Roe deer are native to Britain, having been present since before the Mesolithic period (6000 to 10000 years b.p.). Forest clearance and over-hunting led to roe deer becoming extinct in England by 1800 but remained in wooded patches in Scotland. Several reintroductions during Victorian times and their subsequent, natural spread aided by an increase in woodland and forest planting in the 20th century has meant that roe deer have become widespread and abundant today.