A Collection of Seven Antique Keys c.1790-1850

Origin: English
Period: George III - Early Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1790-1850
The Largest: 7.25”
The Smallest: 4.75”
Other Measurements on Request

The collection of silver and iron antique keys, with differing bows, with examples from the Georgian period to the early Victorian, and each with a good patina.

The keys are is all in good condition with slight rusting commensurate with age and no damage to report. Please refer to the photographs for a visual reference. The William IV church key shows a very old repair to the attractive trefoil bow.

In folklore, keys had the power to cure the sick, tame unruly children, and catch one’s true love. Church keys were especially magical. The giant, heavy key, forged of iron by the blacksmith, could help alleviate or even cure illness.

The keys in the group are as follows, listed in chronological order to the photographs;

1. William IV Church Key
2. c.1790 Chest Key
3. c.1800 Door Key
4. c.1820 Door Key
5. c.1780 Barn Door Key
6. c.1800 Chest Key
7. c.1850 Pass Key?

The graduating nature of the sizes here is appealing and make for an attractive piece of wall art.