A Contemporary Pakistan Bokhara Carpet: 247cm x 158cm


Origin: Pakistan
Style: Bokhara
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Contemporary
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile
Length: 247 cms / 8.1 feet
Width: 158 cms / 5.2 feet

Consisting of sixty-eight formalized elephant feet motifs flooding the field, flanked by the tarantula pattern with an outer lozenge motif border, this large and lustrous carpet is of a generous size and is soft, dense and incredibly hardwearing. The ground set in a deep fiery rust and the contrasting guls in ivory and peach.

All purely Turkoman rugs, made by nomads or semi-nomads, are familiarly described as Bokhara rugs. Though the rugs are named after Bokhara, they are not produced there; the town is merely a centre for collection and export. The name, therefore gives no clue to the tribal areas from which they derive.

As seen in this piece, the basic motif in the design of any Turkoman rug is the octagon or ‘gul’. Historically woven mostly by women, these Turkomen rugs combine a lustrous deep pile with an affordable price.