A Contemporary Taxidermy Squirrel Mounted on an Edwardian Period Bowling Bowl

Origin: English
Period: 21st Century & Edwardian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: The Mount c.2014, the Bowling Ball c.1900
Height: 21.5 inches (the whole, at maximum)

The well-preserved and mounted adult grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) specimen with adjustable tail, perfectly balanced on an Edwardian period turned lignum vitae bowling ball with ivorine inset.

Common Squirrel

I'm needing to write
In praise of the
Common squirrel.

If there is anything more amusing,
I have yet to see it.
Is there anything that shows greater
Joy of movement?
...More conviction that the world is his
Oyster, and
Oh so

My brother, who was an athlete, appeared
In my dream as the deity of the squirrels.
There were many dead ones, as I recall,
And many more doing obeisance to
Him, their king.

Some people don't like their dexterity,
Their brazenness.
I call it joy.

It is they who gave birth to
Unspeakable balance in the
Genes of the Chinese acrobat.