A Decorative 18thC Painted & Carved Oak Wall Mirror c.1790

Origin: Probably Italian, Venetian
Period: Late Eighteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1780-1800
Height: 43”
Width: 27.75” (at extremities)
The Plate: 20.75” x 13.75”

The generously sized eighteenth century carved oak pier mirror with Rococo influences, probably Venetian, having traces of gilded and painted decoration of teal green with gilded highlights, the original rectangular mirror plate now beautifully foxed, with a shell surmount and shaped carved frame.

The mirror is in decorative and part distressed condition and is attractive. The plate is foxed beautifully but still retains some clear parts whilst the gilding as a whole has areas of wear and loss as seen in the photographs. There was at some stage a quite intricate green ground painted finish, possibly chinoisierie or floral based, to the main body of the frame of which traces can still be seen. There are two later strut braces to the reverse to give it more stability, which are twentieth century additions. It is ready and able to be hung and admired.

The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries saw the development of decorative mirrors in Venice. Wood frames were sometimes covered with strips of cut mirror, and enhanced with glass reeds, flowers and leaves. The sheets were also decorated with oil paints, while the mirrors’ wooden parts were varnished or painted gold according to the tastes of the time.

This interesting mirror truly has had countless love affairs with reflection; a striking piece.