A Decorative Provincial Painted Oak Side Table c.1900

Origin: French
Period: Late 19thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Width: 42.25”
Height: 28”
Depth: 28”

The rustic painted oak carcass showing the wonderful original paint layers of blue and gold, each layer worn thoroughly and consistently with age, with a four plank top, worn to the oak almost entirely, over a single drawer with knob handle, the whole raised on square tapering legs, surviving from the zeniths of nineteenth century France.

The rustic and provincially made carcass has a wonderful patina, with a host of character commensurate with its age and heavy use. The top has some old restoration and the surface overall showing signs of worn away layers of paint. The drawers we believe to be a later replacement and matched in.

About as decorative as they come.