A Fabulous & Unusual Early 20thC Lead Sculpture of a Monkey

Origin: English
Period: Early 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1915-35
Width: 13”
Height: 26”
Depth: 10” (all at extremities)

The large, unusual and unique lead sculpted figure of a chimpanzee monkey with an amicable and philosophical expression, in a squatted position, his right hand placed on his head in a quizzical manner, his other hand relaxed over his left leg, his tail appearing through his overlapping feet, the whole standing at over two feet tall on a square base and surviving from early twentieth century England.

The figure is in good overall order and appears to be unsigned. There is a nice patination with some discolouration and established wear commensurate with being stood part sheltered outside for a number of years and he proves tactile as a result. The base is distorted to its sides, and this may have been the case since its conception, but he still stands well.

Monkeys have been the subjects of sculpture and art for centuries for obvious reasons with the three wise monkeys probably being the most famous depiction. We cannot find any other record of a lead sculpted monkey having appeared for sale.

This is simply a fabulous and unique object which concentrates on the ideas of evolution and our relationship with apes. This ape is engaged in assessment and measurement of sorts, and that, we, as humans, should even consider this level of intelligence in another species is a bold examination of ourselves through eyes that bear witness to the disproportionate leverage historically awarded humankind.

Whimsical and wonderful.