A Fascinating Late 19thC Apothecary Medical Cabinet to Include Bottles, Diagrams & Models


Origin: English
Period: Late Nineteenth / Early Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1890-1910
The Cabinet:
Width: 19 inches
Depth: 9 inches
Height: 23.25 inches

In original as found form, the quality solid mahogany doors opening to reveal a series of medical bottles, jars, anatomical diagrams and models along with other associated items, the whole providing a fascinating insight into late Victorian and Edwardian medical practice.

The condition of the cabinet is nothing short of excellent with the brass beehive drop handles still present and the items contained within all remaining in sound order.

With many cabinets of this nature containing fitted compartments in flight construction this example is different in that it has two open suspended shelves with drilled holes so as the anatomical models can sit and rotate on their rods when in place, and behind these shelves, sets of diagrams illustrate the various bones and muscles in the human body. In this fashion, the cabinet is made more for display purposes rather than just the storage of medical paraphernalia.

Aside from the cabinet itself, included in this compendium of medical history are over twenty bottles made in ceramic, porcelain or glass, two exceptional anatomical models with removable organs, the diagrams to the rear and an interesting collection of ammonite fossils.

Even amongst the bleeding, plastering, purging, sweating, blistering, amputation and ‘quackery’ of the time, to explore the contents of this cabinet is to open a delightful Pandora’s box of medical history and curiosity; and for that we are truly grateful.