A Fine 20thC Male Portrait Mannequin Head

Origin: British
Period: Mid/Late Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1960-80
Height: 10 inches
Circumference: 21 inches (at temple)

The artists study plaster modelled mannequin head of an older man, hand painted with blown glass grey eyes, realistically rendered eyelashes, grey curly hair and moustache, having a placid yet confident and knowing expression with closed mouth and fixed gaze, survives from the mid to late twentieth century.

The condition of the head is good with only marginal wear and markings. The neck and head are hollow though filled with polystyrene.

Mustache Thievery by Sukumar Ray

I should grab their whiskers and dance them up and down
Or shave their sorry heads with a spade upon their crown.
They claim the mustache is mine, as though it’s something you can own!
The mustache owns the man, my friend, that’s how we all are known.