Origin: Italian
Period: Neoclassical
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1800-20
Height: 16.5”
Diameter: 26.75”

The finely carved white marble garden urn, in two sections, having a leaf carved rim above a shallow bowl, the underside decorated with dragons, stylised shells and coats of arms, with a ribbon and floret border, the triform base carved with scrolling acanthus leaves, rosettes and with lion's paw feet, the whole surviving from the first quarter of nineteenth century Italy.

The condition of the urn is generally good though it has suffered a breakage in the past and has been repaired, with a filled crack running through the centre as photographed and a chip to the rim which has also been historically repaired. There are no other damages to report. It sits well and does not leak.

The imagery used is very much of the neoclassical Italian style, particularly the dragons which one would not see used in England. We cannot find a comparable urn having been sold; though it is clear this would have adorned a fine Italian villa, in a central position in a courtyard, probably in the north of the country, with the armorial device between the dragons representing the families heraldry.

A very pretty and fine piece that would grace any home, inside or out.