A Fine Vintage Taxidermy Fallow Deer Buck Head Mount on Hardwood Shield


Origin: English
Period: Early/Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1940-60
Width: 26 inches (with antlers)
Depth: 15.5 inches (at maximum)

Throughout his life, Hardy was known as ‘the quiet one’, a wonderful specimen, he remains in fantastic overall condition. Hardy was mounted on a hardwood shield in the middle of the twentieth century when he perished due to natural causes; the only areas of loss now, are to the very tips of the ears.

For Hardy, everybody, and everything were too loud for him. Thus, his best friend was his pet spider Harry who lived on his back. Hardy liked having Harry around as they didn’t speak the same language so they didn’t need to talk. They just had each others mutual respect. They lived a long and happy existence together, just plodding along, not wanting the daily trappings of a complicated life.

Hardy was a handsome chap, now a handsome antique, and is still as quiet as he was. We can’t find Harry, but he may well be buried inside one of Hardy’s ears.