A Framed Printed Notice for The Palace Hotel, Virginia USA; Street Girls & Sailors c.1935-45

Origin: American
Period: Early /Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1935-45
Height: 14.5”
Width: 18.5”
Or 11” x 13.75” the notice

In the typically bold font of the WWII era, the black printed and framed notice reading ‘Street girls bringing sailors into hotel must pay for room in advance, Palace Hotel, Norfolk, VA’ and surviving from the second quarter of the twentieth century.

Condition is fair to good; there is minor toning as one would expect and one nick to the surface as photographed, but the poster is in decent order considering it wasn’t meant to survive. The frame is very simple and lacks a proper back but the cardboard suffices.

This World War II notice would have been displayed at the Palace Hotel in Virginia Beach, which was located at 39-43 Railroad Avenue, on the southwest corner of Norfolk Avenue and First Street, SE.

There are reproductions of this notice online available for sale, but as an original this is far more appealing; a very amusing piece of ephemera.