A French Bronze Owl Seal


Origin: France
Period: Early Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1915-25
Height: 8.5cms
Width :2.5cms

An elegant bronze seal in the form of a stylised slender owl rendered in fine detail with accentuated ears and enamelled eyes. The head, chest and back plumage are delicately represented, and the wings attractively swoop towards the stepped plinth base. The matrix carries a letter 'S'. The form of the owl appears to be Art nouveau in style, but perhaps a little more rigid than the sinuous, flowing, naturalistic elements typical of that period.

The angular base is more typical of the Art deco period, which points to a date of creation somewhere between the zeniths of Art deco and Art nouveau. It appears then to be in a slightly transitional style, is beautifully formed, and is a small gem that would appeal to anyone who has an appreciation for small, but perfectly formed, works of art.