A French Provincial School Oil on Canvas Study of a Hound 1862

Origin: French
Period: 2nd Empire
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1862
Height: 9.5"
Width: 12.75"

The charming depiction in oils on canvas, painted impasto and in the provincial style, showing a chestnut haired hound, in profile to a black ground, the whole presented unframed and monogrammed AB and dated to 1862, unrestored and surviving from the third quarter of nineteenth century France.

The painting has a tear to it and one patch as photographed which is reflected in the asking price. The canvas is wonderfully inscribed verso with the date of 1862.

The year of 1862 in France saw the French, Spanish and British forces arrive in Veracruz, Mexico, beginning the French intervention in Mexico, the birth of the composer Claude Debussy and the first two volumes of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo being published.

A hugely charming oil with added bonus of a precise date.