A George III Provincial Painted Oak Farmhouse Spoon Rack c.1780

Origin: English
Period: George III
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1780
Width: 12.5”
Height: 21.5”
Depth: 5” (all at extremities)

The painted oak carcass showing the wonderful original textured surface of Georgian period pistachio green paint, worn thoroughly and consistently with age, having an attractively shaped back to a candle box and knife drawer below with original knob handle, surviving from the last quarter of eighteenth century England.

The provincially made carcass has a wonderfully textured patina, with a host of character commensurate with its age and use and it complete and undamaged. The knob handle is original as are the hinges.

Traditionally, a bride received a spoon rack from her new husband, and it remained her personal possession. Scandinavian examples have chip carving, and the racks were usually painted; this exam¬ple showing the original paintwork and Georgian simplicity of design.

Texture and colour to die for; beautifully untouched and hard to find so unspoiled.